Vincent Castillo - Game Design Portfolio

Bio Information:

  • Name: Vince Castillo
  • Location: San Francisco Bay Area
  • Bio: Game developer focused on fighting the good fight, defeating the bad guys, and making the world a better place through the controller.
  • Resume:

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    Creative "tinkerer" with history of proven success in game development seeking team of like-minded innovators dedicated to crafting engaging player experiences


    Areas of Expertise

    Creative Direction and Leadership

    I facilitate environments of trust and creativity within small and large teams, simultaneously establishing and carefully maintaining the Game Vision by deconstructing new ideas and auditing their "molecular" validities. Additionally, my experience with agile and scrum environments, as well as my background with resource, time, and scope management allows me to organize all the "creative goo" once the dust has settled.

    Level Design / Content Design

    Armed with a background in 3D modeling and a penchant for composition and level flow, I am able to quickly "grey-block" avenues of gameplay for linear or sandbox/arena levels. My technical experience with various scripting languages and game editors (mixed with a little ingenuity) also affords me the ability to rapidly prototype, manipulate, or implement mechanics and other mission elements.

    Combat Design and game systems

    I am adept at designing enemies, bosses, and AI systems that balance with player mechanics. As well, I have paced out enemy encounters, establishing well-ramped progression across levels and across the game by promoting variety in mechanics usage, enemy types, and difficulty. And for bonus points, I have designed extensive game systems, created habitual core loops, and tuned a myriad of rules of play.... in short, Excel has become my BFF.