Vincent Castillo - Game Design Portfolio


Luxoflux, Inc.


Sr. Game Designer


Activision Blizzard, Inc.


PS3, XBox 360


3rd Person Shooter

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

Developer Notes: More Than Meets the Eye

Okay... I know that header title was a little corny, but it's what it felt when I first walked into the Luxoflux studios for my interview, saw the life-size Kung Fu panda statue in the lobby, and saw the prototype for the game. I was a HUGE Transformers fan as a kid, so working on this project was a god send. Sure, the production cycle was short and yes, there was that whole proprietary scripting language and tool chain that I had to learn, but that's part of the fun of making games, isn't it?

I used Sketchup and 3ds Max to carve out most of the sandbox levels in game (and completely freaked people out by running around the spaces with Bumblebee pretending I was in a gun fight and making laser and explosion sound with my mouth... you know... to test the lines and encounter areas). Given how much we had to revamp in our short time frame, I ended scripting nearly half of the missions and boss fights in the last few months of the game, but it was an incredible learning experience (no, really, it was)!